Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Quarantine Day 4

The good news is that my daughter, my girlfriend and her two children have all tested negative for COVID-19. The bad news is that I continue to decline. My temperature is up to 100.8, I'm congested and am completely wiped out. I managed to teach class today via Zoom and that took everything I had.

I spent some time out on the patio working via my laptop. It's relaxing to sit in a zero gravity chair while looking at the nice landscaping in the middle of the divided street that borders my property. I got up at one point to let the dog out and she promptly ran out and took my chair. Typical. I thought dogs were supposed to be sensitive when their owners are sick. 

I managed to make dinner but it was simple with rice in the rice cooker and chicken in the Marsala simmer sauce. My sense of taste is still intact. So, as of right now, I'm on the sectional under two blankets with doggo at my feet. I'm hoping to get a lot of sleep tonight in the hopes that I can start to beat this whole COVID thing back. 

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