Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I Achieved Platinum On Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima became my second PS4 Platinum Trophy game tonight (this first being Marvel's Spider-Man). It's very rare that I'll stick with a game long enough to obtain every single achievement trophy, but Ghost of Tsushima hit that spot both because the game is so engaging and because the achievement's aren't difficult to obtain.

Much of the story centers around Jin Sakai's need to dispatch the Mongol invaders from Tsushima using dishonerable tactics rather than the honorable fighting methods that his samurai training requires. The game forces you to use these dishonorable tactics, as it's part of the overall story. I really wish that the player had a choice of combat methods and that there was a karma system with actual consequences. The few story choices that the player is presented with have no game-changing consequences.

The other hindsight observation that I would like to add is that, if you do decide to play Ghost Of Tsushima, you should make sure to invest some of your action points early on into both deflection AND evasion. When I first started out, I went all-in on evasion thinking I would just be a damage sponge, and ignored deflection. As you can see in the first duel video below, my combat style suffered for it.  After finally pumping points into deflection, I found it easier to counter the intense attacks of the characters I was dueling against, as illustrated in the second video below.

All-In On Evasion

Incorporating Deflection

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