Monday, August 3, 2020

Home Again

We drove back home this weekend. Five people and a load of luggage can get very cramped, even in a mid-size SUV. But, we powered through, drove the entire route in the course of a day and wound up home just before midnight on Saturday. We had a great trip, but, before returning to reality this week, I want to mention a few things that were too brief to make full posts about:
  • We had lunch one day at ACME Oyster House in Gulf Shores. I had tried several times to get into the New Orleans location over the years, but it has always been packed. So, it was a nice surprise to walk into the Gulf Shores location for a late lunch and find it nearly deserted. We had raw oysters, char-grilled oysters, gumbo and onion rings. It was a very pleasant lunch. 
  • Other touristy places like LuLu's, The Yard and Lambert's were doing social distancing well, but the wait times were enormous, so we didn't bother trying to get a table at any of those places. 
  • We had a nice, socially distant lunch at The Hangout where we had snow crab for an appetizer and cheeseburgers for the entrees. There's a lot to do there besides eat a meal, but the side shows and activities apparently don't pick up until evening. 
  • There was a shark bite incident one town over from us at Orange Beach on Friday. We had been in the water early that morning and noticed a lot of small fish schooling around the area attracting flocks of birds. A pod of pelicans even swooped in very close to us to gobble up some fish. So, it came as very little surprise to us that predatory marine life was out in the area. Thankfully, the victim at Orange Beach only had to get a few stitches and will make a full recovery. 
  • My daughter was thrilled to find a store called Faux Paws Dog Shoppe when we went to The Wharf at Orange Beach. She bought doggo a bunch of cute things including a bandanna with "Wiggle Butt" etched on it. 
  • The girlfriend and I got some drinks at the Kentucky Mist Distillery at the Wharf and, to be honest, we weren't impressed. Certainly not for $8 a drink. 
  • We stopped at a Popeye's on the way back in order to sample their entry into the Chicken Sandwich Wars. Their Spicy Chicken Sandwich is very good. I don't know if it's better than Chick-Fil-A, but at least I can eat it without feeling guilty about contributing to a company that hates on homosexual marriage. 
  • Doggo was happy to see us upon our return but not overly so. Boy Boy clearly took great care of her. 
It seems like a lifetime ago when I had said that "family vacations are a lot of work". But, this trip has convinced me that I was wrong with that statement. At the very least, a family vacation won't SEEM like so much work so long as you actually enjoy where you're going and the family you've got in the first place. 

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