Saturday, July 25, 2020

Welcome To Gulf Shores, Alabama

We spent about four hours today driving from Birmingham, Alabama to Gulf Shores. We've rented a condo right on the beach. I could jump off of my balcony, and, if the fall didn't maim or kill me, I would be right on the beach when I landed. Gulf Shores is clearly a tourist town, but it offers a lot of opportunity for family fun. We've already hit the beach to kick around some waves and dig up some sea shells. I'm personally looking forward to having some of the great seafood that Gulf Shores has to offer.

The weather has been a bit stormy today and the waves have been a little choppy. There's a rip-tide advisory going on as well. Even though it isn't the sunniest day, and the ocean isn't as blue as I had hoped it would be (yet), it's still a beach and I'm still just happy to be here.

The Ocean At Gulf Shores, Alabama

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