Monday, July 13, 2020

RIP Google Play Music

I knew that this was coming. I'd been notified quite some time ago that Google Play Music was going away and would be merged into Youtube Music. I tried to ignore it, as if refusing to think about it would somehow stave off the execution. But, alas, earlier tonight, I got the notification from Google that I should start migrating my Google Play Music library into Youtube Music. So, it was with great trepidation and regret that I hit the Transfer To Youtube Music button. And I instantly regretted it.

Youtube Music Sucks

I'm sure that, now that people from Google Play Music are migrating over, development on the Youtube Music interface will speed up exponentially. But, for now, the interface is horrible. Not only is the navigation counter-intuitive, but key features from Google Play Music are missing or broken in Youtube Music. Here are my main gripes about Youtube Music:
  • No "Offline Mode" switch.
  • Uploaded songs and streaming songs are split into two different libraries 
  • No tag editor: If you messed up your song tags with an upload, you have to delete it and upload it again with the corrected metadata.
  • Cannot like or dislike downloaded songs while offline. 
  • Cannot swipe to skip songs.
  • Casting is broken
  • Cannot save a queue as a playlist
  • No detection of duplicates being added to a playlist
  • Google Assistant can't play Youtube Music playlists
As I said, development in the Youtube Music app will likely accelerate now, but, it seems to me that most of the above issues should have been addressed before the migration. For now, Google Play Music still works, and I hope it'll continue to work until those issues get taken care of. 

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