Monday, July 6, 2020

I Got Some Bunk Beds Delivered

After a two month wait, the local furniture shop was finally able to install the bunk beds that I had ordered for one of my bedrooms. I had ordered them right before the COVID-19 restrictions hit and while the store was willing to do doorstep delivery, they couldn't do setup until the restrictions had been lifted. And, so, late least week, I watched once again as yet another furniture truck blew past my house because, as I am always saying, my place is incredibly hard to find. After hoofing it down the block and flagging them down, I directed them to my driveway.

In they came, a younger guy and a fairly old guy who looked to be about 60. They asked which bedroom they would be setting the bunk beds up in and I directed them to the second door on the left. My dog barely looked up from her perch on one of the couches as the duo brought in the parts to the beds. I did some work on my laptop and listened to the duo put the set together while they argued. After about an hour, just as I started to wonder what was taking so long, my Nest doorbell notified me of activity near my door. I opened it up to see a man, even older than the old guy who was already in my house, staring back at me. "Alright, where are they?" the elderly man asked gruffly as he held up his socket wrench.

"Did you have to ask your dad for help?", I jokingly asked Old Guy #1. No laughs emanated from the room in which they were working.

After some clangs and scruffs, Old Guy #2 exclaimed "You've got the feet on backwards!". Excuses were spat out by the original duo but I couldn't make out what they were saying. After about ten minutes, Old Guy #2 came shuffling out of the bedroom, looked at me and said something along the lines of "Damn young-in's think they know everything...". With that, he saluted me with his socket wrench and walked out the door. The remaining crew cleaned up and left shortly afterwards.

As I was tossing the mattresses onto the bed frames, I was amazed at how bunk bed technology has evolved. Back when I was a kid, bunk beds were twin-over-twin. The one I bought is full-over-full and is much more sleekly built than the one that I slept on as a kiddo. My doggo indicated her own approval as she jumped onto the bottom bunk and curled up against one of the pillows. 

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