Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Doggo Has Separation Anxiety

Uncle Jason Taking Luna For A Pup Cup
My daughter asked her boyfriend, whom I refer to as "Boy Boy", to take her dog Luna in for the week that we are on vacation. Boy Boy said that she was doing really well for a while, but, yesterday, she seemed down and spent about three hours in her doggie den laying on her bed with kiddo's shirt. Boy Boy, hoping that familiar surroundings might help perk her up, brought her back home to hang around while he went to work.

I had my oldest daughter look in on her on her lunch break and she said that doggo was laying on kiddo's bed crying. I sent Jason over to the house to play with doggo because he's her favorite person outside of the family. He was able to coax her out with her favorite treats and then took her through the Starbuck's drive-thru for a pup-cup. After that, she was a lot happier and they tossed the ball around in the back yard for a while. Luna still doesn't quite get the concept of "fetch", but she had fun.

When Boy Boy picked Luna up later, he said that she was in a much better mood and that she was running around his house full steam and playing with his family. So, I guess that sometimes a girl just needs a trip to Starbucks to perk her up.

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