Monday, July 27, 2020

Crab Hunting

Mr. Krabbs the Crabby Crab
Each night that we'e been here in Gulf Shores so far, the beaches we have seen swarms of kids and
adults with flashlights running along the beach chasing cute little sand crabs. Last night, we decided to join in and headed out to Gulf Shores State Park to do some to crab hunting ourselves. All you need is a bucket, a net, a small flashlight and a plastic red filter to cover your light so that you don't confuse any turtles.

Ghost crabs, more commonly referred to as sand crabs, are little crabs that live in small burros on the beach. They come out at night and are fairly easy to spot with a spotlight. We saw dozens of them last night and wound up catching and releasing about a dozen of them. They ranged in size from absolutely tiny to the size of a fist. I'm told that ghost crabs are not particularly tasty, so, if you decide to hunt them, don't bother trying to eat them, just catch and release.

Overall, it was a fun family activity. That is, until we got locked in the Gulf Shores State Park parking lot with a few other families. All the signage said that the park closed at 10pm. When we tried to leave at 9:30pm we found that both of the gates had been locked. I called the number on the parking ticket and eventually got someone to come and let us out.

Late Night Crab Hunters As Seen From Our Balcony

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