Wednesday, July 15, 2020

American Auto Repair Coverage Calls Me

I can accept that there may be legitimate businesses out there that offer extended warranty coverage for automobiles. This recent call, however, that connected me with a company called American Auto Repair Coverage, seems to me like they're scammers. First off, they used a foreign call center that hid behind a spoofed number to screen me for eligibility. In my opinion, this is a tactic that a legitimate business would not use, as it's illegal to solicit via a fake number (see the Truth In Caller ID Act). 

The audio from the call center side is tough to hear, so the recording picks up when I got transferred to a rep from American Auto Repair Coverage. When I asked if I could be arrested for unknowingly letting my extended warranty lapse on my 2015 Fiat 500 the rep laughed. I also asked her at one point if she was wearing a mask so that I wouldn't get COVID over the phone, and she again, laughed. At one point, I guess I asked too many questions and she wondered out loud if I truly was not interested in extended warranty coverage for my vehicle. This was the second red flag that made me think that American Auto Repair Coverage is a scam: The rep clearly wanted to push me through the process so that she could get to the next call and thus wanted me to ask as few questions as possible. Once I cleared that rep, I was sent to an account manager that triggered a third red flag. He used a number of high pressure "urgency" sales tactics like limited availability and fake-sounding discount incentives to get me to buy in. Of course, once I was asked for a credit card number, I played dumb and gave him the Visa network toll-free phone number instead. Once that happened, the game was up and he knew he was dealing with someone who wasn't interested. He scolded me for wasting his time and kicked me off of the call.

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