Monday, June 1, 2020

The Protest At Lafayette Square

Earlier this evening, The President Of The United States dispersed a peaceful protest in front of the White House so that he could walk across the street to Lafayette Square in order to get a photo-op of himself holding up a Bible in front of St. John's Church, a non-partisan place of worship. 

At 6:35pm, well before the DC curfew, Trump gave the order to clear the area. Federal police dressed in riot gear bum rushed protesters and reporters, gassed them and physically assaulted them. When Trump actually got to the church, he didn't pray and he didn't offer words of wisdom. He didn't even open the Bible that he brought with him (indeed, he held it upside down). Then, in a final insult, he stayed past the curfew that had been imposed on the city while military blackhawk helicopters hovered above. 

Even if you support Trump in general, you certainly must understand the gravity of this particular situation. Ask yourself this: Was there a compelling, immediate need for Trump to visit the church? Did he do anything of substance there? Was anything of significance accomplished? Is this the behavior of the "President of law and order"? Is this what Jesus would do? No. This is a flaccid attempt to show strength.  This is a campaign stunt as evidenced by the release of the footage set to music by the White House. This is a violation of essential rights and of our democracy. This is the work of a tin-pot dictator of a banana republic. America deserves better. 

"Woe to the land whose King is a child." - Ecclesiastes 10:16

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