Friday, June 26, 2020

Homemade Gin Kit

This Is NOT A Urine Sample!
I'm a bit envious of my girlfriend and my daughter making batches of Amish friendship bread to give out to their friends. I'd love to be part of the share-crafting, but, experience has shown that letting me bake anything is a recipe for disaster. I had always wanted to dabble in making my own beer, but, since Jim Koch and the Boston Brewing Company achieved perfection with their line of Samuel Adams beers, I figured it was a waste. I had also thought about making my own still-less moonshine after tasting a number of concoctions made by various friends over the years. But, after looking at various recipes, I felt that I didn't yet have the time available to commit to such long-term projects. So, I settled on making homemade gin and bought a kit from Bespoke Post.

The process for making homemade gin is easy enough: You basically take vodka or some other kind of cheap grain alcohol (I used 3/4 pint of a vodka that I got for $5), plop a bunch of juniper berries in it for 24 hours, then drop in some herbals for another 12 hours, strain it, and voila: bathtub gin. For my own process, I  cut up one lemon and one lime and added them to the juniper berries. Thirty-six hours later, the end result looked like my urine when I had that bladder cancer scare two years ago. But, the real question is: Can you drink it?

Well, I didn't go blind when I drank a shot of it straight (for Science!) so that's a start. Gin was never really my thing, so I can't compare it to anything, but, as a straight shot, I'm not a fan. This concoction does, however, make a decent Primm's Cup and a palatable Gin & Tonic (with some Jamaican bitters). 

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