Saturday, June 13, 2020

Crispy Southwest Corn Fritters

I  admit it: I don't know what a corn fritter is. I know what an apple fritter is: It's a doughnut with cinnamon and chopped apple. But, apparently, a corn fritter isn't a doughnut. But, it's in the doughnut family in that it involves fried batter. I'm told that this sweet and savory dish has its origins in Native American cuisine and was perfected in the Depression era. It involves corn kernels fried in a batter of some sort. Ultimately, I guess a corn fritter has more in common with a potato pancake than it does with a doughnut.  

To my knowledge, I've never had a corn fritter in my life. But, I was in the mood to try something new, and the description from Hello Fresh caught my attention: It’s hard NOT to love eating your vegetables when they’re fritter-fied, aka covered in batter and cooked until perfectly golden. This zesty corn version is as easy as making pancakes, and just as fun to eat! Southwestern spices and tender corn kernels go right into the batter, which you’ll fry until crisp. Paired with roasted sweet potato wedges, a crisp side salad, and plenty of creamy, smoky ranch dressing for dipping—this is a veggie-packed meal for the books.That's just what I wanted, an all veggie based meal. After all, I've been trying to lower my meat intake. But, is a fried corn fritter any better for you than a grilled chicken breast? 

This recipe wasn't difficult to make, though I do think that perhaps my batter was a bit too thick. The first corn fritter in the pan got sacrificed to the kitchen gods, as is tradition. The end result, while edible, didn't wow me. My daughter was unimpressed as well. The sweet potato wedges and the salad were fine as well, but, overall, the entire meal was a loser for me.  


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