Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Another Credit Card Scammer Gets Angry

I have to admire the persistence with this particular credit card scammer, as he stayed on the phone for nearly nine minutes trying to trip me up. He called up trying to get my credit card info under the guise of getting me a lower interest rate. I tried to sound old and slightly senile. I went with the tried and true method of referring to my credit cards by the numbered space they occupy in my walled. The scammer asked for the expiration date on a specific card, so I just started making up dates for all of my cards and giving them to him. Whenever the scammer asked for the actual credit card number, I would give him some version of a customer service number instead. At first, he found it funny and laughed to himself, but he eventually got angry and told me to "shove all the five cards in your candy ass and jump like a fucking frog".

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