Monday, May 4, 2020

Crispy Chicken Katsu & Soy Mayo

The Illinois "Shelter At Home" order has given me many opportunities to up my cooking game. I've tried a number interesting recipes, some more successfully than others (we will not speak of the "Beer Can Chicken Incident"). Sometimes, it's nice to try out a recipe that you know is going to be both tasty and easy, so, I looked to Blue Apron for some inspiration.

I chose Crispy Chicken Katsu & Soy Mayo with Shrimp & Vegetable Udon as one of my kits and was pretty excited to try it. I had high expectations, since Blue Apron listed it as a "Premium" offering, and, as such, I had to pay an extra $18 for the kit. The meal was easy enough to make, though I may have slightly overcooked the chicken.

Coming in at 1,250 calories per serving, I was a little hesitant to completely dive into this. Indeed, the portion size of the shrimp and vegetable udon was huge, so I split the meal into three servings instead of two and shared the other two servings with my girlfriend and my daughter (hence the weird cut of chicken in my photo). But, it tastes good and everyone enjoyed it enough to make me want to try my hand at this dish outside of Blue Apron.



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