Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Credit Card Scammer Admits She Is Rude

I got a call from a Credit Card Scammer who launched into the typical "lower your rates" scam pitch. I tried to sound a little mentally enfeebled and I had her on the hook well enough that she asked me about my cards and how much money I owed. I made the mistake of saying that I had them all maxed out and when she said she couldn't help me, I had to backtrack. She explained that I had to be in good standing, and I responded that I could stand up just fine, and that I didn't need a cane yet. She laughed. I asked why she was laughing. She said she was just acting like she was laughing. I told her she wasn't nice and she admitted that she was being rude. I asked for an apology and she gave one and then I asked to get my lower rate. She asked for my Visa card information and when I gave her the card number, I ended up giving her a 1-800 number. After toying with her a little more, she got fed up, said "I don't want to work with you" and hung up.

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