Monday, April 20, 2020

I Had A Buffet Table Delivered

One of the few good things that has come out of this whole "shelter-at-home" order for me has been the fact that I have been able to spend a lot of time re-decorating my house. Since Day 1 of  me buying the place, the dining room has needed some attention. I was content to use the small dining room table and chairs that the previous owner had left behind until I could decide what kind of decor I should go with. Once it became clear that I'd be hosting more and more large get-togethers, it became vital for me to deck out the dining room. I went with a French Farmhouse inspired theme and picked up a great looking table and some chairs to go with it. In order to complete the look, I purchased the Gracie Oaks Jaydin Sideboard.

It took a while to get a delivery date confirmed, and, once it was, I was told that the delivery company could not bring the sideboard into my house, but still could assemble it before delivery. No problem. I recruited Jason to help me bring the thing in and put it in its proper place. Jason arrived just before delivery and we sat there in my dining room wearing our COVID-19 masks. I looked at him and remarked "How the hell did we get to this point?".

"This is the darkest timeline...." he replied with a sigh.

My house is very hard to find, so, of course, the delivery driver called me to get better directions and Jason and I ran out of the house, our faces covered in cloth masks, to wave down the driver. The driver dropped off the buffet table, un-assembled, and headed right out. Whatever. Jason helped me drag the box into the dining room while I sang "What's gonna work? Teeeeeam work!", much to his chagrin. I had the Gracie Oaks Jaydin Sideboard put together within 20 minutes. It, of course, looks great. My barware goes in the middle and my dinnerware goes on the ends with my Fiestaware occupying a place of particular pride on the right, ready for my next dinner party. Whenever that might be.

Gracie Oaks Jaydin Sideboard
Gracie Oaks Jaydin Sideboard

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