Monday, April 13, 2020

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee aka Whipped CoffeeEaster morning was notable for two reasons this year: 1) The Easter Bunny, in a flagrant defiance of the state's "shelter at home" directive, trespassed onto my property in order to hide eggs for the kids to search for. He wasn't subtle about it either! 2) My girlfriend made up a batch of dalgona coffee, known throughout social networking sites as the most addictive, delicious coffee trend this season.

Also known as "whipped coffee", the fad known as dalgona coffee first blew up on Tik Tok before taking the rest of the world by storm. And it's no wonder that the stuff is so popular right now; with so many "shelter in place" orders in force throughout the country, the drive to stay indoors and experiment is high (I even experimented with a new chicken and noodles recipe). Plus, this stuff looks like a poop emoji sitting on top of a billowy cloud of milk. What's not to like?

You can find a lot of similar recipes out there for dalgona coffee, but we went with the one suggested by Some dalgona coffee recipes often call for the use of a milk frother, but we found that using a hand mixer, or, in our case, the Kichen Aid mixer, was a better option as it produced a more consistent coffee dollup that floated on the milk better.

But, how does it taste? It's good, and, overall, I like Dalgona coffee. I found it to be very filling and it did inject enough of a caffeine jolt that, after our own Easter egg hunt, my daughter and I decided to hide eggs around my best friend's yard before he awoke. I figure, if I can't torment my best friend in person, at least I can torment him via a socially distant means. 

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