Monday, January 27, 2020

SoxFest 2020

There Are DOZENS Of Us!
With all the great acquisitions that the White Sox have made in the pre-season, I decided that it would be pretty fun to attend this year's SoxFest in order to get hyped up for the upcoming season. It's basically just a big White Sox convention that features opportunities to interact with current and former players.

I want to give credit to the organizers of SoxFest for running a pretty tight operation despite SoxFest being such a large event. My daughter and I got to McCormick Place at 8:30 and the doors opened promptly at 9:00 with the line for entry moving very quickly. Once we got in to the event hall, there weren't any large crowd bottlenecks to speak of. That being said, the lines to get wristbands for "popular" player experiences like photo ops with Tim Anderson and Jose Abreu were very large and there was no way you could have gotten a space unless you had arrived very early or you had paid a VIP space. Still, spaces for experiences with former players like Harold Baines and Bo Jackson were reasonable. I was thrilled to have gotten a photo op with former White Sox player and Hall of Famer Tim Raines. It was extra cool because I happen to have a bobblehead of him celebrating his 2017 induction into the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

I appreciated the opportunity to peruse the White Sox Garage Sale which featured leftover past promotions as well as past game items for sale. I picked up a team gnome for the back yard for only $5 and my daughter got a super-cute White Sox bucket hat for a mere $10. Of course, there were also the typical ballpark food vendors like Begger's Pizza and Buona selling their wares at ballpark prices. Two dollars for a can of soda? I wonder if that is a standard McCormick place price. I'd have been much less inclined to pay if if the food court and/or the Starbuck's had been open. But, that's a minor concern and is a pretty typical experience whenever you're a captive audience like that.

So, all told, we had a pretty great time at SoxFest 2020. Next year, though, we're doing a VIP package.

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