Monday, January 20, 2020

Spicy Honey-Lime Chicken Tostadas

I don't know that I had ever eaten a toastada before, much less made one. My preference for Mexican fare tends towards offerings that include soft-tortillas. A toastada is just a tortilla that has been fried or toasted, so I figured that trying to make some wouldn't be an daunting task. Thus enters the Spicy Honey-Lime Chicken Tostadas with Jasmine Rice from Blue Apron. The description that Blue Apron provides seemed enticing enough: "This zesty Mexican meal pairs crispy, oven-toasted tortillas with tender glazed chicken and carrots, which get irresistibly spicy-sweet flavor from a combo of honey, fresh lime juice, and fiery chipotle paste—tempered by dollops of cooling sour cream. We’re serving it all with a side of fluffy rice brightened with lime zest."

Preparation was much easier than I had expected. I even managed to chop the garlic without taking off a piece of my finger. One of the toastadas did, unfortunately, bubble a bit too much which made for an awkward eating experience.

Here's how it turned out (click on each image to see it in more detail):



Everyone really enjoyed this one, though it was debated whether or not one should eat a toastada with one's hands. Though, I can understand the desire to break the meal up with a fork and eat it by the forkful. I say: Why stand on ceremony during a family meal? We all decided to eat them with our hands. And they were a huge hit, though I probably should have backed off on the garlic a bit. This is a meal that I would love to attempt to make completely on my own, or, at least, I would buy it again from Blue Apron the next time it comes around.

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