Monday, December 16, 2019

Re-Tile Frustration

I bought a set of Tile trackers back in July of 2018. I've been very happy with the product and have been using them to keep track of my car keys, work keys, wallet and briefcase. At about the year mark, the Tile app kept warning me that the battery was getting low on my tiles. I procrastinated replacing them because I wanted to see just how long the batteries would last. About a month ago, two of them finally died. Clearly, the battery life lasted far longer than the promised 12 months, which makes me happy. What kind of irks me is the Re-Tile replacement plan.

Tile advertises that their products are 99% recyclable. However, in order to recycle your old Tiles, you have to take them to an e-waste facility yourself and likely pay a small fee. That fee is likely covered in the discount you get from Tile for re-ordering once your Tile battery dies. It's a decent method, I guess, but I would really like the option to forgo the discount and have Tile send me a postage-paid envelope so that I can send the old Tiles to them and they can handle the e-waste recycling themselves. My old Tiles are going to be sitting in a box until I can remember to trek out to my local e-waste facility. How many other people have the same issue? How many Tiles will just end up in landfills because it's easier and more convenient?

The above being said, I am very happy with the new lineup of products that Tile has to offer. I replaced my old Tiles with ones that have replaceable batteries so that, next year, I won't have to deal with environmental guilt. The replaceable battery Tile is a bit bigger than the old non-replaceable battery ones, but, it's not that big of a deal to me.

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