Monday, December 9, 2019

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

I've been wanting to get a video doorbell for over a year now. The main thing hindering me from having done so is the fact that I want a wired doorbell yet didn't have the wiring necessary in order to support one. This ruled out me being able to use a Nest Hello video doorbell and pretty well consigned me to having to accept the Ring video doorbell, which I did not want for several reasons.

Thanks to the Nest branded indoor power adapter, one can now run a Nest Hello video doorbell from an indoor outlet. This, along with the Black Friday price of $149, helped me pull the trigger and buy the Nest Hello. It's currently embedded in my front door where the old door knocker used to be and there's a wire from my entryway outlet running to it. Okay, it's not ideal, but it'll do until I can actually get an electrician out there to hard wire it. Now that that's done, what do I think? It's awesome!

There's a high degree of danger of me becoming some kind of weird hermit that watches footage from his video doorbell all day. The Nest Hello is always recording video and it gives you the option of saving up to 30 days of video footage along with 30 minutes of footage that you can save to your clip library. The first thing I do in the morning after getting my coffee is watch the overnight footage. Nest will tag any motion that it sees so that you can easily hone in on anything interesting. Already I've noticed that my street is much busier than I had thought, and the neighborhood cat rubs his face against my house between 5am and 7am every morning. The postman got wise to the Nest Hello early on and now slinks over to my door just at the edge of sight so that Nest Hello doesn't tag him as a person and only tags him as movement.

My home office is in the back part of my house and I'm unlikely to hear anyone knocking at the front door unless my dog decides she's interested enough in the noise to go barking after it. Now, thanks to the Nest Hello video doorbell, whenever the bell is rung, I get a notification on all of my Google Home devices as well as my phone. I can then ask my Google Home Hub to show me the front door. I can talk to the person and, from there, decide what to do. On Friday night, the pizza guy rang it and I told him just to leave the pizza on the patio and that his tip was in the mailbox. When Jason came over and rang the doorbell Saturday afternoon, I told him to come in and wait for me in the living room and then unlocked the door from the Nest app on my phone as I sat in my office.

While at a Christmas dinner party Sunday evening, I asked the host what he thought of his Ring video doorbell. He remarked that he liked it, but wondered how long he would be able to go without recharging the battery. I mused to myself that I don't have that problem.

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