Monday, December 23, 2019

My Reddit Santa Came Through

The Reddit Secret Santa program is a gift exchange that is designed for Reddit users. It matches a Reddit user with another Reddit user, and each user must then send a gift to the other user according to that user's tastes and preferences listed on their profile. I haven't participated in Reddit Secret Santa in several years, mainly because the presents I have received in the past all indicated a lack of even the smallest thought and effort. But, having been involved in a very interesting Christmas show, and having had such a great time buying presents for everyone on my Christmas list, I decided that I would like to add some extra Christmas cheer to someone's season and joined up. I didn't expect much in return, and I just wanted to focus on finding the perfect gifts for a fellow Redditor.

This morning, my Reddit Santa came through and a package arrived at my doorstep. The gifts were so beautifully wrapped that I was going to wait until Christmas to open them, but I just couldn't resist. Inside, I found two books, Hillbilly Elegy and Citizens of London. I also got what smells like some very good coffee from Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co, and a Mandalorian coffee mug to drink it in. I suspect that Hillbilly Elegy is an attempt to counteract my liberal leanings which are quite evident in my Reddit posts. I'm open to other perspectives, though, so I'm happy to be have the chance to delve into this memoir from the self-styled Blue Collar Prophet, J.D. Vance and perhaps have my perspectives challenged.

So, thank you very much, and Merry Christmas to you, Reddit Santa. And, of course, thanks to for spreading some Christmas cheer around once again with its Reddit Secret Santa program.

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