Monday, June 24, 2019

Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red

A number of my faculty friends and I have banded together to do a monthly beer group where each member brings in a unique and/or interesting beer for everyone to try. For this month's meeting, I thought that I had a line on a bottle of Samuel Adams Utopias, but, as it turns out, the Friar Tuck's website was blatantly lying about the inventory at my local store. Defeated, I drove over to my local Binny's and picked up two bottles of Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red for the group instead.

Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red is an American Wild Ale that is aged in oak barrels, then hand bottled and corked. It's a very tart beer with a malty aroma. To look at the beer in the standard Samuel Adams tulip glass, you'd almost think it was a wine rather than a beer. It has a nice burgundy color without much carbonation. It goes down smooth with a little fizz and overall tastes a lot like a port wine with a robust, woody finish.

If you like beer and would like to try getting into sours, then Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red is a good place to start. But, once you have sampled the bold flavors of more complex sour beers, then this will quickly fall by the wayside. It's a good beer, one that is very drinkable, and my beer group liked it overall. It's just not what a beer snob would reach for if looking to have a sour. Thank God I'm not a beer snob.

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