Monday, March 25, 2019

Touch Enabled 2-Gang Smart Switch

Despite the recent trade war between Donald Trump and the Chinese, it seems that the Chinese are still flooding the American market with electronics. You'll find a number of smart switches that are essentially the same thing, but with a few cosmetic changes and different brand names. I picked up a two gang set from Amazon recently to install in my two gang front hallway box so that I could control my front porch light and my front hallway light.

The no-name brand that I purchased on Amazon is a touch-based switch rather than a physical switch. I managed to get it to work with my oddly wired two-gang box which has some kind of weird cross-over that powers the bathroom vent switch that sits on the opposite wall. Admittedly, out of the box, the switches looked a little cheap. But, when they're actually installed and working, they look pretty good and accent the hallway wall quite well. The best feature is the friendly blue glow that shines from the switches. This essentially acts as a night light in the hallway once it gets dark.

Just like the rest of these no-name Chinese switches, mine works with the Smart Life app and was easily integrated into my Google Home environment.

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