Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Virtual Sink 10th Anniversary

It was 10 years ago today that I pointed the domain name, virtualsink.com to the blog that I had been working on for a month prior. As explained in my introductory post, The Virtual Sink was borne out of the ashes of the radio shows that I did in Chicago throughout the 90's. It escaped to the Internet where it died a quiet death after the birth of my daughter. It rose from the ashes when the demands of being a father took up less of my time. Some said I would get bored of it within a year. Some said I'd never be able to keep generating content. Most didn't care either way. Regardless of your opinion, I'm still here spewing content.

So, what's next? I had initially envisioned The Virtual Sink to be a collaboration between myself and the former co-hosts of both The Kitchen Sink and The Virtual Sink. That never happened because, surprisingly, their apathy level far surpassed my own. And, yet, I can't keep doing this for another 10 years, can I? I don't know. Maybe I invite some guest bloggers once or twice a month. Maybe I do some wider Youtube collaboration with some of my acting buddies. Maybe nothing changes at all and I keep plugging along until either I have nothing left to say or some foreign telemarketing scammer decides that they've had enough of my petty shenanigans and tracks me down to exact their revenge.

Whatever happens, I'm here now and the last 10 years stand as a testament to my commitment to my own bloviations.

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