Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man: Turf Wars

Marvel's PS4 Spider-Man back again this month with Part 2 of its "City That Never Sleeps" DLC: "Turf Wars". Crime Boss and longtime Spider-Man baddie, Hammerhead, is out to take over in the wake of the power vacuum that resulted in Kingpin being thrown in jail. Making matters worse, Hammerhead and his goons have gotten hold of Sable-tech in order to help them take over the city. Yuri, Spider-Man's ally on the NYC police force, is damaged. She's got a personal vendetta against Hammerhead for a number of reasons and she's gone off the rails.

This is another fun entry into PS4 Spider-Man game. Combat is a lot tougher with this one, primarily due to the stepped-up weaponry. "Turf Wars" adds another new enemy type, gang members with powered shields AND jetpacks. These guys can be taken out with the same "slide under 'em and kick 'em from behind" tactic but their shield hurts to punch it, unlike the riot shield guys. Plus, they can do a charge move that can knock out Spidey's web gadgets. My solution? Launch 'em.

Screwball, of course, is back again as well and her challenges have another layer of complexity added to them. For example, stealth challenges now include both photobomb areas AND motion sensors.

In order to illustrate the increased combat difficulty, I've uploaded a video of me taking down a Hammerhead base.

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