Monday, September 24, 2018

Spider-Man PS4: Taking Down A Prisoner Camp

I continue to be amazed at how fun Spider-Man for the PS4 is. As you progress in the game, more opportunities for base fights present themselves. About two-thirds of the way through, there's a prison break at Riker's Island and hundreds of prisoners take to the streets of New York, setting up bases throughout the city. It's up to Spider-Man to take them down.

In this particular prisoner base fight,  I spent about 6 minutes taking the goons down via various stealthy means, including perch takedowns sneak takedowns, web strikes,  and trip mines. Once I was discovered, I went about taking down the bad guys directly and ended up reaching the base goal of getting 5 stealth takedowns and 10 air yanks. One of the craziest things that happened during the fight occurred at about 7:35 in the video. A rocket is launched, I dodged it, and it hit one of the bad guys, who then shakes it off and continues to fight. Although, I do acknowledge that other missiles that struck other bad guys seemed to have effectively taken them out.

Here's a video of my prisoner camp fight:

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