Monday, June 25, 2018

Getting Our Grub On At Chicago Food Truck Festival

I attended Chicago Food Truck Fest 2018 on Saturday with a number of friends and family. We were treated to over 45 different food vendors offering a variety of different cuisines. While I was very impressed with the food offerings, I have to say that there were other aspects of Chicago Food Truck Fest that did not measure up. For example, we arrived 2 hours into the first day of the fest and the Pina Colada vendor was already out of alcohol and had to resort to serving virgin Pina Coladas. At some point, the sangria that the fest was pushing was switched out to Franzia over ice. I had also heard via a number of folks that the VIP tickets, which allowed for entry into the fest an hour early, were essentially useless because none of the trucks were ready to serve until the advertised opening time. These are the growing pains of a festival in its infancy and I'm sure that Everbright will get the kinks knocked out next year.

Despite the negatives, I think we all had a pretty good time at Chicago Food Truck Fest. I did a live video feed during our lunch excursion. You'll see it below. In the video, you can almost feel our disappointment when we discover that there's no alcohol left in the Pina Colada line. But, then, you can feel the joy as we dive into a pineapple chicken bowl made from a hollowed out pineapple!

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