Monday, April 2, 2018

Walking Down Bourbon Street

Most of the streets in the New Orleans French Quarter are named after French royal houses and Catholic saints. Of course, the most recognizable and famous street in all of New Orleans is Bourbon Street. Named for the ruling house of France at the time, The Bourbons, Bourbon Street quickly became notorious for its brothels, saloons and gambling parlors. After WWII, efforts to clean up Bourbon Street started to mount, culminating in the 1970s when Mayor Landrieu turned it into a pedestrian mall in order to stimulate tourism. The next 20 years saw Bourbon Street turned into a tourist trap nicknamed Creole Disney with the proliferation of souvenir shops and corporate ventures. There's still a bit of a seedy side to Bourbon Street these days. There are some strip clubs and adult stores among all the restaurants, bars and shops lining the streets. And, on any given night, you never know what you'll see from one of the balconies along the route. But, on a Monday night at 8am, I figured it would be tame enough to bring my daughter along for a video walking tour.

A couple of highlights of the walking tour include me catching some beads at around 5:34 and me holding the sign for Huge Ass Beers at about 10:10

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