Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Best Bread Puddings In New Orleans

Among other things, New Orleans is famous for its bread pudding. Nearly every restaurant in town offers some variation on it. And, I'm a huge fan of it. Over the years, and over this specific trip, I've sampled a lot of bread pudding in New Orleans. Who has the best bread pudding in New Orleans? Well, that's subjective. But, for my money, the best bread pudding in New Orleans comes down to five places:

TommyMac's Top 5 Bread Puddings in New Orleans:

1) Commander's Palace
2) Red Fish Grill
3) Bon Ton Cafe
4) Muriel's
5) Napoleon House

Now, hands down, the bread pudding at the Commander's Palace is the best bread pudding in New Orleans. At $25 a serving, it's rather pricey for what you get. So, when considering the dollars to deliciousness ratio, the bread pudding at Red Fish Grill is probably your best bet. 

I'm told that I also need to try the bread pudding at Copeland's, Mother's and Dookey Chase's. We'll save those for next time.

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