Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The TSA Has Me On A List

Greetings from glorious New Orleans.

My daughter and I hopped a flight tonight and headed down to The Big Easy for a few days of fun while she's on Spring Break. A funny thing happened on the way to the Crescent City. While we were going through the TSA security check-point at the airport, we attempted to go through the TSA pre-check lane. My daughter was sent straight through. I, however, was denied and got sent through the regular line with the rest of the plebs. The TSA agent asked if it would be an issue for us to go through different lanes. I said that it wouldn't, but I was curious as to why I was denied.

"I don't know the exact reason, but you're on a list somewhere", the agent said.

So, after a bit of a laugh, and after getting through the checkpoint, my daughter asked me "Have you ever done anything to make the government take an interest in you?"

"Easily", I said.

"Recently?", she asked.

"Umm...I don't know. Maybe".

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