Saturday, March 31, 2018

Afternoon Tea at Le Salon

When I was very young, I had a fat old Irish nanny who helped take care of me and my siblings. My father worked a lot and my mom was both working and going to school. That, and the fact that we were all little monsters made it necessary for some extra help to be brought in. This lady doted on me and every afternoon we would have tea and snacks. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to take my daughter to an "offical" afternoon tea. The Windsor Court Hotel hosts one every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Le Salon.

There's a difference between afternoon tea and high tea. Afternoon tea is, of course, served in the afternoon and acts like a small meal between lunch and dinner. Tea is typically served with small finger sandwiches and snack sized pastries. Whereas afternoon tea is seen as a social occasion, high tea is a meal itself and replaces dinner. Meats, breads and pies are generally served at high tea.

Le Salon has over two dozen different teas to choose from. Pick your favorite and a pot will be brewed for you. While you're waiting for your tea, you choose a refreshing cocktail (non-alcoholic versions are available). And while you drink your tea, small sandwiches are served. The pastries are sent near the end. With a professional harp player adding to the ambiance, it's a good environment to have a small social occasion with friends and family.

I had thought it was a pretty novel idea, and my daughter and I had a pretty good time. The last time we had tea together, she was a toddler and her stuffed animals were invited.

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