Friday, December 29, 2017

John Schnatter Out As CEO Of Papa Johns

"Papa" John Schnatter will be stepping down as CEO of Papa John's next month. This comes in the wake of his criticisms of the NFL's handling of national anthem protests by football players. Chief Operating Officer, Steve Ritchie, will replace Schnatter on Januaray 1. Schnatter will remain Chairman, but it has not yet been determined whether or not he will remain the company's spokesman.

This makes me think that DC Comics should take inspiration from this and create a Batman villain based on John Schnatter and his circumstances. They could call him Pizza John and make him a comical yet dangerous foe akin to The Condiment King. I initial confrontation practically writes itself. Pizza John, seeking to disrupt a Gotham City Wildcats game, humiliates the team by dousing them in garlic butter. Batman intervenes:

Pizza John: I don't mean to sound CHEESY, Batman, but these players have no right to be so SAUCY. They're the UPPER CRUST of society and I'm going to SLICE them up for what they've done!

Batman: SHUT UP! [Punches Pizza John and knocks him out]

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