Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Natural Sunburn Remedy

Summer is here and, with it, comes those powerful UV rays that wreak havoc on the skin of poor melanin-deficient folks like myself. Due to my Irish heritage and my tendency to work indoors, my skin reacts to the Sun like a fork in a microwave. I've spent many an agonizing evening laying on the cool tile of the bathroom floor while my siblings sprayed me down with Solarcaine in order to relieve the pain from a horrible sunburn.

I've pretty well learned my lesson. I try not to go out during the Summer without a high SPF sunblock and I make sure to re-apply it often. It helps, but I'm not always vigilant enough to keep from burning. Just about a week ago, while on the boat with the family, I got a pretty nasty sunburn. It was especially bad from the top of my knees down to my ankles. Later in the day, standing became difficult for me and getting out of bed was even worse. Nevermind the fact that the sunburn itself was giving off heat and made my skin feel incredibly itchy. With no Solarcaine or generic aloe lotion available, my wife improvised a natural remedy.

Using some essential oils provided by Young Living, she mixed some coconut oil with peppermint. In a separate mixture, she used coconut oil, tea tree and lavender. I realize that essential oils aren't exactly accepted as mainstream science, but, at the time, I was in so much pain that I was willing to try anything. The mixtures definitely had an effect on my skin. While not completely relieved of my sunburn pain, I did feel that I had gotten enough relief to function adequately.

There's an encyclopedia's worth of remedies out there involving essentials oils. If you're curious and have an open mind, you can find such remedies among the independent distributors of Young Living essential oils. It seems that, whatever the problem, there's an oil for that.

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