Friday, April 29, 2016

Multi Level Marketer Has No Morals

Clovis continues to get calls from people pushing multi-level marketing schemes. He invited a rep from a widely known financial services corporation to call him in order to discuss a comission based sales position. I answer the call as Ernie, pass it off to Diksmash and then answer as Clovis. The rep had no idea she was talking to three different people. Clovis explains that he's the ideal salesman because he has no morals and would bilk old ladies and sell his own mother's kidney if he had to. The rep is unfazed.When I reveal to her that she has actually been talking to one person using three different voices, she's actually impressed. It isn't until I tell her that she should be ashamed of herself that she actually decides to end the call.

Listen to her in the middle of the call. As much as Clovis tries to get her to describe the job he'd theoretically be doing, she refuses and re-directs. She's just there to put warm bodies into the seats so that the managing director can sell people on joining up.

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