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When I was a kid, the process of ordering glasses was excruciating. It was the stone age of buying glasses. The biggest advance in glasses technology at the time was being able to have your glasses within an hour. But, that was so expensive that only the monied gentry could afford it. For us plebs, you'd have your exam at some place that was pre-approved of by your insurance, and, after getting your prescription set, you'd have no choice put to pick from the frames that were available at your optometrist's office. The office we went to had some seriously ugly frames in the lower-to-mid-level category. I almost always ended up with something that would mark me as a nerd at school...moreso.

Thankfully, the process of ordering glasses has evolved over the last 30 years. Now, you can order glasses from several different places online. All you need is a prescription. For that, you still need to get an exam, but, once that's out of the way, your eye doctor is legally obligated to give you a copy of your prescription. There are so many options online now that it can be overwhelming to have to choose frames and lenses. When my daughter and I both when in for exams recently, I decided to order glasses from two different site: and Zenni Optical.

Coastal Vs Zenni

The Rundown:

Both Coastal and Zenni have some really nice looking frames to choose from. And both have various lens options to choose from. I purchased my glasses from Coastal for $167.05 which includes a set of Kodak Advance Thin Blue Reflect lenses. My daughter's glasses, with a better set of lens options cost me $228.17. My glasses from Zenni Optical cost me $31.85. My daughter's glasses from Zenni, which look a lot like the ones she got from Coastal, cost me $30.90.  

The Verdict

In general, I'll say that, if you want higher quality frames, you should probably goal with The frames I got from Coastal feel sturdier and feel like they are made from better material than the ones I got from Zenni. But, for the price, you really can't beat Zenni. The glasses I got from Zenni may feel a bit more fragile, but they work perfectly fine. My daughter and I use our Zenni glasses as backups for our Coastal glasses.

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