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There was a time when was a useful site. I think it was sometime in the late 1990's. Back before the corruption of Myspace and the rise of Facebook, was about the only way you could keep up with your former high school and college friends. I first signed up back when talk of a 10 year high school reunion was circulating among the few people I kept in contact with from my high school. It never came to pass, and, by the time my 20 year reunion came around, I had just let my account languish in the back of my mind.

From its inception, has engaged in what many people would call shady business practices. In order to maintain the integrity of their closed system, automatically filtered their internal messaging system in order to scrub out email addresses, phone numbers and street addresses, which would have allowed users to communicate outside of, thus negating the need for a membership. Even worse, had sent a significant number of emails that told recipients that their old friends from school wished to reconnect with them. The recipients then would need to buy a memberships in order to read their old friends' contact information. got hit with a class action lawsuit and ended up settling for $9.5 Million. There are many more examples, but, I'm sure you get the picture. is the Internet equivalent of some letch pulling up in a windowless van telling you to get inside because your mother is in the hospital and you need to get to her ASAP.

Normally, I just ignore SPAM from I normally get stuff with the following subject lines:

  • Is this one of your buddies?
  • Start bragging, you made the list!
  • Is this someone you've been expecting?
  • You have 1 profile visit waiting to be revealed!
Those sort of messages are obvious SPAM bait on a par with "Sexy, local ladies are waiting to meet you" ads and are easily ignored. However, the other day, sent me something a little different. The subject line was We've left a message in your inbox that might interest you. With my 25 year reunion coming up, I thought that this perhaps was from someone in my graduating class sending out an event invite. Here's what greeted me when I logged in: 

So, essentially spammed my inbox with some drivel so that they could later have an excuse to spam my regular inbox. Pretty sneaky, This sort of chicanery was enough motivation for me to go through the process of deleting my account. 

How To Delete Your Account

They sure don't make it easy, do they? You'd think that, in order to delete your account, you could just go to your account settings and do it. But, you can't. Instead, you either have to navigate through their FAQ or contact a representative who will then try to guilt you into sticking around. Or, you could follow the steps below:

  1. Log-in  to your account
  2. Navigate to
  3. Select a reason why you want to remove your registration (you must choose one)
  4. Click the "Remove Registration" button.
  5. A tiny pop-up will appear and ask you if you are sure. Click "Yes". Interestingly enough, the pop-up did not appear when I tried to do this in Internet Explorer 11. It worked in Chrome, though. 
So, that's it. Hopefully, after deleting the account, you won't get any more deceptive SPAM from

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