Monday, January 11, 2016

Fallout 4: Clearing Out Hangman's Alley via Stealth

I'm a few hours into playing Fallout 4 and, so far, I'm enjoying it. After yet another "scout and clear out" mission given to me by Preston Garvey, I headed out with my follower, Strong, and set about the task of clearing Hangman's Alley of raiders. It's pretty well fortified, so I tried to take out as many Raiders as possible using stealth. I was going to pick the lock to the back entry, but since Strong dislikes lockpicking, I decided to perch above the alley and pick off the raiders one by one. The door into the alley was essential in lowering my detectability because it blocked the line-of-sight.

The weapon I'm using is an irradiated pipe pistol that I modified to use a longer barrel and to take .50 caliber bullets.


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