Saturday, December 12, 2015

Stopping In Destin, Florida

He's Trying To Disguise Himself As A Flamingo
We're winding our way back up to the Midwest today and we've stopped in Destin, Florida for some food and to have a look at the waters of the Gulf. Destin is located on a Gulf barrier island and is renowned for its white beaches and emerald green waters. The sand on Destin's beaches is some of the whitest in the world. It comes from the Appalachian Mountains, and is made of finely ground quartz crystal giving the appearance of sugar. This, of course, draws in many tourists, making Destin "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village". Some refer to it as "The Redneck Riviera". However you'd care to refer to Destin, Florida, there does seem to be a lot of places to stay, places to eat, and things to do. There are signs all over the place for dolphin cruises and dolphin encounters.

We're not spending too much time in the area. We just came out to see the beach, the waters of the Gulf and to do a little dolphin watching. Although, I wouldn't rule out taking a trip down here next year. Meanwhile, I got some pics of the local wildlife and it seems as if quite a few of the egrets and herons were missing some limbs. I'm told that this generally happens when the bird's appendage gets tangled in fishing line. The line eventually cuts off circulation to the limb and causes amputation. Many tangles occur in the nest, when hatchlings get wrapped in unsafe nesting material.

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