Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Medical Compensation Department Calls Me

I got a call from a heavily accented caller claiming to be from Medical Compensation Department. The number he used was (432) 266-9010. It's not a working number that seems to belong to Cingular Wireless. Anyway, the scammer wanted to know if I had been on any blood thinners. It was an obvious attempt to sell me on some sort of class action lawsuit scam. When the Medical Compensation Department rep ran off a list of blood thinner meds, I picked the last one from the list: Xeralto. When prompted for a year, I just went with 2006. Turns our Xeralto wasn't released until June of 2011. I tried to explain it away by saying I was part of the clinical trials for Xeralto, but, the telemarketer was way too angry to listen. He did calm down after I poked a little fun at his accent and scolded him for trying to bilk money for people. He seemed to accept my explanation, but when I angrily asked for an apology, he hung up. So, if you get a call from (432) 266-9010, I guarantee you, it's a scam.

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  1. I can find some reports filed under that number at http://www.whycall.me/432-266-9010.html and another similar sites since several days ago. Some of them said that it's a health related scam. People should remain vigilant and keep on guard.