Friday, December 11, 2015

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

Miss Tilly Erupts A Guyser Of Water Every 30 Minutes
According to Disney legend, a typhoon wreaked havoc upon a formerly pristine tropical paradise. Ships, fishing gear and surfboards were all strewn about by the storm, including "Miss Tilly", a shrimp boat that became impaled upon a mountain named "Mount Mayday". What was left in the storm's wake became Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, the second most visited water park in the world. And, as theme parks go, Typhoon Lagoon feels decidedly un-Disney. And that's not a bad thing. First off, parking was free, which shocked us so much that we drove around in a circle because we figured we missed the collection attendant. Second, the food at Typhoon Lagoon is both tasty and affordable. Be sure to pop for the refillable mug if you're going to spend all day there.

Typhoon Lagoon was such a hit with every member of my family. The wave pool was the highlight for everyone. It's simply amazing how Disney imagineers can create a wave that can literally knock you down but not harm you. Typhoon Lagoon also boasts a shark reef where you can snorkel with the tropical fish, rays and sharks. We took a number of pictures of them with an underwater camera. I personally liked the water slides the best, enjoying the storm slides much more than the Humunga Cowabunga. Although, if I wasn't so out-of-shape, I could have been happy to climb the stairs all day to ride any of the water slides. I also enjoyed the lazy river. but it's hard to relax when some stranger's feet suddenly float right in your face. I also wish it moved a little faster. If I were to make one nit-picky criticism, it's the bathrooms. They're adequate, but dated.

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