Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Gets A Sequel

The first trailer for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" was released today. Now, before you go on ranting about how it's an unnecessary sequel and that it won't be any different from the first one and that Nia Vardalos hasn't written anything even remotely funny in the last 14 years, let me tell you this:

I attended the My Big Fat Greek Wedding panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year and the footage that they showed there got a tremendous reaction. In anticipation, hundreds of people were there cosplaying as Toula Portokalos and Ian Miller. I even saw a few cosplaying as Gus. It seems that the My Big Fat Greek Wedding cimenatic universe (heretofore abbreviated as the MBFGWCU) still has many tales left to tell. Now, I don't know if the My Big Fat Greek Life television show is going to remain in canon or not. We'll have to wait for the premiere of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 for the answer. Still, rumor has it that Universal has already signed Tom Everett Scott to appear in a post-credit scene as Guy Patterson from That Thing You Do!, thus tying the two Playtone properties together and expanding the MBFGWCU. This, of course, will lead to the third entry in the MBFGWCU, Three Greeks And A Baby, plus the fourth entry, Four Greek Weddings and a Funeral.

Seriously, though, while the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding film was a critical and a commercial success and did big business almost solely based upon word-of-mouth, it owed its success to the one woman show that Nia Vardalos based the movie on. Vardalos was able to road test a number of the elements that went from the play into the movie. That hasn't been the case for stuff for her subsequent efforts like "My Life In Ruins" and "I Hate Valentines Day" which were absolutely disastrous and felt like first drafts in dire need of refinement. And, I suspect it's the same for  My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. It's just another attempt to cash in on some movie nostalgia. Which is too bad, because the all-ages family charm that was integral to the success of the original seems to be absent in the sequel. The scene in the trailer where Toula and Ian are about to boink in the car and are caught by the family lacks subtlety, is completely unrealistic and seems indicative of the kind of jokes that will permeate My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. If Playtone and Universal wanted to really capitalize on the popularity of My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a minimal amount of effort, they could have just made it part of The Fast And The Furious franchise and called it 2 Fat 2 Greek.

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