Monday, November 2, 2015

A New Star Trek TV Series Is Coming In 2017....On CBS All Access

Star Trek is returning to television, just in time for its 50th anniversary. Alex Kurtzman, producer of the latest big screen Star Trek adventures, is beaming down a new take on the series which will air exclusively on the CBS video on demand app, CBS All Access (after an initial "free broadcast" of the first episode on CBS proper). This will be the first original series developed specifically for CBS All Access. No details about the premise, characters or timeframe involved have been released yet, but, since Kurtzman is executive producing, it's a pretty sure bet that this new Star Trek TV series will take place in the alternate timeline created in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

The Trek fan in me is happy that a new Star Trek TV series is officially being developed. However, my phasers are currently set to "skeptical" because this is an obvious attempt to shore up the fledgling CBS All Access app. Also, Alex Kurtzman has been responsible for writing some absolute crap over the past few years, including Transformers, Cowboys and Aliens, Star Trek Into Darkness, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But, at least his usual writing partner, Roberto Orci, isn't involved. So, the glass might actually be half full here.

Still, as a discerning consumer of entertainment, it's going to take a lot to get me to pay $6 a month for access to yet another streaming site. This new Star Trek tv series is going to have to be really good right out of the gate in order to win my hard earned cash. No more of this "take two seasons to find its legs" crap that Trek has become known for over the years. Otherwise, I'll just wait until the series has completely aired, sign up for a free week on CBS All Access, binge watch the new Star Trek TV series and then cancel my subscription. If the show is as bad as Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Enterprise were, I may not even do that.

I know that we, as consumers, have been begging for more a-la-carte options and that this CBS All Access thing has spun out of that. But, here's the rub: I already pay CBS for content via my cable subscription. There were a series of big contentions recently as the various networks demanded more money from cable providers for the privilege of rebroadcasting over cable what the networks were already broadcasting for free over the air. Cable bills went up as a result. And now those same networks want to charge me for that content again? Not happening. Cable subscribers are already paying for multiple CBS owned stations. There's no excuse not to air it on any of those except to extort cash. Which isn't very Star Trek like.

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