Monday, September 14, 2015

University Of Phoenix Calls Me

I don't have a lot of respect for The University of Phoenix. It's a for-profit career college owned by a company called the Apollo Group and it’s the biggest for-profit college operating in the United States. Only about 9% of first-time bachelor students’ graduate within 6 years, and only 5% of online students- compared with a 55% graduate rate at public institutions, and 65% at private nonprofit universities. University of Phoenix  has paid many government fines over the years, and has settled multiple whistle blower lawsuits regarding its admissions practices and educational programs.

This past weekend, a rep called looking for Clovis and upon hearing the telltale "This Call Is Now Being Recorded" notification from Google Voice, she got suspicious. As usual, Clovis takes offense at the suggestion that he would want to further his education and wonders why the rep is implying he's stupid. After the initial exchange, the rep goes back to wondering why the call is being recorded. Clovis asks why it matters and the rep dumps out of the call.

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