Monday, September 21, 2015

Government Grant Scammer Calls Me

I got a call from a rep with a heavy Indian accent claiming to be from the government and offering $7,000 in government grant money. Grant scammers generally follow the same script: they congratulate you on your eligibility and then ask for your checking account or credit card information so they can deposit your government grant money directly into your account or to cover a one-time “processing fee.” I played along with this particular grant scammer for a bit and soon discovered that they were looking for someone named John Meem, which is not an alias I have ever used. Right off, I tried to push the call through by offering a completely made up credit card number. The grant scammer kept trying to verify my information, not being able to reconcile the fact that I gave him a different name from the one he was expecting. At one point, I just kept on screaming "Give me my money!!!!"

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