Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sun King Brewey Employee Hates Tom Brady

An employee at an Indianapolis based brewery apparently hates Patriots quarterback Tom Brady quite a bit. Sun King Brewery, which supplies beer to Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts, accidentally released 20,000 cans of their Wee Mac Scottish Ale with "Tom Brady Sux" printed next to the canning date. On May 13, a Sun King employee who has been identified as Biscuit, stamped the cans during the height of "DeflateGate". Sun King Brewery, which is known for having a little fun with their date stamps released a statement via Twitter: "A SKB employee had fun w the canning date coder. While we don't condoned [sic] the message we understand his Colts passion."

What would really be funny would be if the cans were not pumped with C02, so when you opened your can there was no pressure.

Tom Brady Sux

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