Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Cases

I certainly love my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It has an amazing camera, a great display and a screaming fast processor. The one thing it fails at (aside from RAM management) is battery life. I can barely get a day's usage out of a full charge. Instead of carrying around a number of external battery backs, I've decided that using a protective case for my Galaxy S6 Edge that has a battery embedded within it is the way to go. I've already explored a few options. Here is what I've found so far:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Case Review Round-Up

Power Case

You can find this case on and other websites under a host of different names such as Power Case, LoveLifeMall, etc. The price runs anywhere between $15 and $25. You might hear claims that it handles Fast Charge (Qualcomm Quick Charge) and that it can charge the phone while it's connected to the case, but that hasn't been my experience. Despite those drawbacks, the Power Case has been pretty reliable. I can get close to a full charge from 20% on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. And the kickstand is a nice feature.

Incipio OffGrid

I know that there are a fair amount of people who are really pleased with this case, but, I'm not a fan. The Incipio OffGrid makes a lot of promises: It supports Fast Charge, it stores enough charge to bring the Galaxy S6 up to 100% and then some and it even comes with an SD slot so that you can get your expandable storage back. This is a great battery case....when it actually works. Mine seems to only work about 50% of the time. Often, I'll hit the charge button and the Off Grid case will charge my phone for about 10-30 minutes. Then, the case will stop charging and my S6 will go crazy, displaying "The Dock Is Connected" in the notification bar over and over again. This happens despite my S6 and the case both reporting a full charge before I go out in the morning. I contacted Incipio support and this was their reply:

We have received a few inquiries regarding your situation and we would like to provide some technical information on the case that could help troubleshoot your issue.

When having the case plugged into the wall, with the phone inside the case, the charge is going to pass through the case and charge the phone (pass-through charging). Once the phone hits 100%, then the case will start to charge. The one thing that will affect this is if there are any apps running the background of your phone. The apps running (such as email, social media notifications, or anything else pulling data) will cause the phone to discharge so essentially the pass-through may continuously go to the phone and not charge the case at all (depending on how much power the phone is discharging). This is an intended design and does not indicate an defect within the case. For proper charging, we recommend turning off the phone completely to charge your case or to charge the case without the phone installed to completely charge the case to 100% battery life.

If the case is not charging properly even with the phone completely turned off or removed from the case, then this would be indicative of a charging issue and may require replacing.

For $89, I shouldn't have to charge the phone and the case separately. I'm thinking mine requires replacing. Even though I have to wade through that particular issue, I'm still pretty geeked about the added storage feature. That particular feature has been very reliable (despite it blue screening my phone the first time I used it)  and I like being able to store my music locally so that I don't have to eat up my data every time I want to listen to some tunes.

EDIT: On 9/18/2015, nearly a month after opening the initial ticket, I was finally issued a refund on my OffGrid case from Incipio. 

 Mophie Juice Pack

The $100 price tag on this one has kept me from pulling the trigger, but, I may have to now considering how the Incipio OffGRID has failed. Mophie has a great reputation to begin with and I've yet to hear anything negative about it. Mophie claims that the Juice Pack for the Galaxy S6 will give you up to 100% charge and reports are that it does so pretty quickly. I may have to investigate this option further if the Incipio off Grid doesn't pan out.

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