Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Federal Grant Money Scammers Call Me

You'd think that, if a bunch of scammers wanted to appear as if they were from the United States government, they'd try to use callers without thick accents. I got a call yesterday from someone claiming to be from the U.S. Government Grants Department. She couldn't even pronounce "grants" correctly and said that her name was "Vixie". As she muddled through reading her script, she indicated that I had been selected to receive $7,000 in grant money which I would never have to pay back. Had the call continued, I'm sure she would have asked for my checking account information to supposedly deposit the money. But, the call didn't last that long. She hung up as soon as I started to question her credentials.

These boiler-room scammers have been pretty prevalent lately, so much so that the Federal Trade Commission has issued an alert about people running the Government Grant Scam. It's an interesting read with a number of great tips on how to protect yourself.

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