Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crossy Road Review

I can't say that I was a huge fan of Frogger when I was a kid. To me, it was just Crazy Climber with prettier graphics and less personality. If Frogger were to get a re-imagining for today's gaming market, it would look a lot like Crossy Road.

The controls are pretty intuitive: A simple tap to hop forward one space, swipe left to go left, swipe right to go right, and swipe down to hop back one space. Unlike Frogger, Crossy Road presents the player with randomly-generated obstacles along the way, thus making it pretty easy to get flattened or snatched by an eagle.

The best part of Crossy Road is that you can play as a number of different characters. They all have the same functional abilities, but the way they interact with their environments can be worth a laugh or two. There's something inherently funny about crossing the infinite streets of Hell as a blocky Grim Reaper.

As part of this Crossy Road review, I made a video of myself playing CrossyRoad as Bobby who seems to be some sort of British police officer. 

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