Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Choice Home Warranty Calls Me Again....TWICE

Choice Home Warranty has been calling me looking for Albert Cosby, and, each time they do, I launch into my Fat Albert impression. Most of the time, it's met with outright hostility, so much so, that you'd think they'd pull my number out of the system. Yet, for some reason, they keep calling. One guy was actually pretty cool about it and we had a good laugh. I asked him to take my number off of the call list. Here's the call:

Less than 24 hours later, they called back. This time, I got a guy named Frank whom I talked to before. He wasn't very happy to be speaking with me again:


  1. Totally off topic from this post. I actually came across a post here on your blog from way back in 2010 where you were looking for music from The Hannibals. Specifically you were looking for their album Monkeysuit. Did you ever find it? I go online from time to time looking for their album This Midwestern. I actually have the full CD of Monkeysuit. If you're still interested I would be happy to burn you a copy. I went to Michigan State from 90-94 right in The Hannibals prime! If you would like a copy just shoot me an email at

    1. Yeah, I actually did finally dig up a copy off of Ebay a while back. It's a great album.